Zobo is a common drink that cuts across all ethnic groups in Nigeria. It’s usually served as a refreshment at a variety of functions from birthday parties to naming ceremonies. Healthy, affordable and refreshing are some of the features used to describe this drink, especially refreshing when served chilled.

Here are some amazing benefits that come with consuming zobo.

Lowers high blood pressure:
Zobo is gotten from Hibiscus leaf which is an antioxidant. this helps stop the prevents oxidation of lipoproteins (a substance present in our blood that has the ability to cause high blood pressure). it also has mild anti-bacterial properties which aids in riding the body system of bacteria and worms.

Also known as Hibiscus Tea, it has been seen to be very effective in quenching thirst especially when served chilled. It can serve as an alternative to commercial sport drinks.

Helps fight hypertension:
Hibiscus tea has some anti-hypertensive properties which helps reduce hypertension, cholesterol level, and high blood pressure.

Weight Loss:
Zobo helps in reduction of dietary carbohydrate and hence can aid in weight loss especially if taking after food.

Acts as a cold remedy:

Zobo is very rich in vitamin C and hence it serves as a wonderful aid when fighting cold and other infections. The richness of vitamin C in Zobo drink is naturally effective for curing as well as preventing fever, cold and infection.

Since it’s naturally made, it’s healthy for the body. So if you have been drinking this marvelous drink without knowing it’s many benefits, the drink doesn’t contain caffeine, as such it’s one of the kind that guarantee healthiness. Thus, I encourage a drink once in a while but don’t overdo it.


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