Zinoleesky: The Growing Street Pop Sensation

The fast-rising street pop artist, Zinoleesky, in an ever-cheerful mood, visited vibe. The artist is quite popular for his freestyle street rap videos on Instagram. These videos happen to have won the heart of the majority, especially those who enjoy street music. In his free-spirited mood, he sat calmly for an interview.

What’s the inspiration behind your name?

It doesn’t really mean anything. I got the name in primary school from my friends. Then, it was just ‘Zino’. When I started taking music seriously, I decided to add something to it, hence the name Zinoleesky.

How old are you?

I’m 19 years old.

Are your parents supportive of your music?

They are very supportive. Especially with prayers and words of advice. 

What’s your acquaintance with the people that are usually in your videos?

They are my friends, from secondary school.

What brought up the idea of doing live freestyles on Instagram?

My friend Lil Frosh started first. I don’t know what inspired him but he was the one who inspired me. 

Why are you doing music?

I started doing music from Primary 4, although it was for fun then. When I got to secondary school, someone told me I could make it professional and he introduced me to a studio. I started doing music from there.

What benefits have these freestyles brought to you?

It brought a lot of awareness. People that didn’t know me, do now. There are record labels wanting to sign me, but, one has to think well before joining a label.

If there were no social media, how do you think you would have gotten recognition?

I would probably be using whatever medium was trending.

Are you in school, running a trade or planning to focus on your music?

I’m not in school right now but I still have plans to go to school.

Since Naira Marley’s incident, many people are of the opinion that street pop promotes fraud, prostitution and drug use. What’s your take on this?

I don’t think that the street has anything to do with it. Some people that aren’t on the street are also into fraud, while some who are on the street are not. It’s just based on a person’s character or personality.

Listen to Zinoleesky song “Money” featuring Zlatan Ibile below;



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