YCEE’s “Say ByeBye” Is Already The Best Feel-Good Jam of The Year

Ycee Premieres Team Salut Produced Tune Titled “Say Bye Bye” | Features Eugy

Omo Alhaji wrapped up his London tour and dropped a new single, “Say ByeBye,” and I have to say about the track is, it’s a strong contender for best feel-good jam of 2018.

His flows on this one will go down in history as one that outdid “Juice” (a song that featured one of the coolest musicians in Nigeria,) and the general feel of the jam would surely resonate with your heartbeat and calm your nerves.

The best part about it is, even though it’s a cool and calm song, it will still be played in clubs when the DJ wants to opt for slow whining and grinding.

But the one thing the song lacked – which would have made it a lot better, – was a rap verse. While listening, I was really hoping YCEE would rap on this track ‘cos it would have been heavenly with the kind of beat producer, Team Salut, came up with. However, he disappointed me in that aspect.

Still, take nothing from the song. It is every bit as good as all the other YCEE songs that came before and will no doubt be a serious contender for many awards this year.

Listen to the song above and let me know your thoughts on the track.

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