Yahoo Messenger: 4 Things We’d Miss About It

Even though people rarely use it anymore, July 17 will be a dark day for people who were staunch users of Yahoo Messenger as it has decided to pull the plug on the app for good. It was one of the earliest IM services in the modern computing world.

It began in 1998 as Yahoo Pager before gaining its name and branding in June 1999. Since then, 2 decades have passed and it has seen numerous updates. Like Google Talk, it was one of those few chat services that enjoyed the freedom of client interoperability during its prime. For a while, it had games users could play online with their friends. When the world moved to smartphones Yahoo Messenger also moved too. The app was available on iOS and Android in six different languages apart from English.

Below are 4 major features of Yahoo Messenger that we’d all miss

1. THE CHAT ROOMS: This was a major selling point of Yahoo Messenger. They were these group chats between people from all over the world. They made new friends in the chat rooms and exchanged email IDs — trust me, they were quite interesting. From these chat room came one of the most popular abbreviations of our time which were ASL, meaning Age, S3x and Location. Whenever you spoke to a new person they’d ask you your ASL which actually determined the conversation.

2. THE EMOJI STICKERS: The WhatsApp generation may not believe this but Yahoo Messenger was the one that made emojis and stickers quite popular. The chat messenger used to have stickers on so many themes, I remember Hollywood, Animals and Love. And all these stickers came with sounds and each sticker had its own dialogue, whenever you send it, the recipient would get the sticker along with that dialogue.

3. THE BUZZ: I can never forget that buzz. Later, a similar concept was adopted by BlackBerry in its BBM which was the PING. It used to be a tiny icon on the chat window which made this really annoying buzzing sound when you’d click on it. It was quite hard to ignore.

4. THE THEMES: Then there were those messenger themes which users could personalize their chat with the people they spoke to. You could have a different chat theme with a different person. The doodle theme was my favorite.

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