Why are Menstrual Cups Worth a Try?

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Most, if not all, women can attest to the fact that although monthly periods are healthy, they are mostly uncomfortable and many times annoying. In reality, a considerable percentage of women undergo physical and emotional pain, called premenstrual syndrome (PMS), about a week before the onset of their menstruation or on the first few days of their period.

That is why women, especially those suffering from painful periods, desire to go through their menstruation most comfortably. Choosing the right feminine hygiene products, they say, has a significant impact on how women confront their menstrual cycle. Keep on reading so you can learn a thing or two about menstrual cups because, who knows, it might be the perfect fit for you.

Menstrual Cup Essentials

A menstrual cup is one of those feminine hygiene products designed to gather menstrual fluid, which is a combination of blood, vaginal secretions, endometrial tissue, and cervical mucus. It is a reusable cup, usually made of silicone or rubber, that is inserted into the vagina throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle to collect and not absorb menstrual fluid.

Accordingly, menstrual cups came into existence in the 1800s, but it only harbored enough attention in the 21st century. Many are still grappling with their hesitation to use the product given the many questions, which are left unanswered, on their minds. Today, perhaps, is the proper time to free their minds of those grave reservations about menstrual cups and start embracing the product and its advantages.

Cost-effective is Good

Buying even one menstrual cup is a wise investment. It may seem expensive at first as this product has a higher up-front cost, but it is valuable than tampons or pads as you will be able to save up more money in the long run. You only have to purchase it once, and you can forget about storing up monthly. The best thing about it is the fact that it can last for years with proper care, of course. One menstrual cup a year will cost you less than a box of tampons or a pack of sanitary napkins every month.

Less Plastic is Fantastic

Sanitary napkins, panty liners, and tampons, together with their excessive packaging produce a mountain of waste yearly, and they all contain plastic that is harmful to the environment. Aside from that, tampons also contain chemicals like rayon and dioxin, which when absorbed by the earth will be released as an impurity into our air and groundwater.

Menstrual cups, like those from https://daisymenstrualcup.com/, are considered a greener alternative as they are made from a pretty green ingredient called silicone. Silicone is derived from a type of sand called silica, which returns to its original state when it degrades and which is not dangerous to the environment.  It is, therefore, clear that menstrual cups are the environment-friendly solution to the deterioration problem of our environment.

Comfy Makes One Confident

Unlike other feminine hygiene products, menstrual cups are convenient to use since they can stay inside your vagina for up to twelve (12) hours without changing from time to time. This aspect equates to rare restroom visits and more time epic time for yourself and the things you want to fulfill. When a cup is inserted into a woman’s vagina, the stretchable silicone quickly warms up to match the heat of your body.

However, when you are new to using this product, it might not come quite easy to position it correctly. It may take some time to unravel how to insert and remove a menstrual cup properly, but with practice and experience, you will get the hang of it.

Nothing Looks as Good as Healthy Feels

Menstrual cups has its share of health benefits too compared to other forms of sanity products, and one of it is the fact that they do not carry with them environment damaging substances, an industrial chemical called BPA, and fragrances. Menstrual cups can also be hypoallergenic, which means that they are desirable to use even for women who have sensitive skin, latex allergies, or skin inflammation.

Other than that, they do not hold absorption agents that may cause vaginal dryness, and they are effortless to clean and sanitize. On top of it all, menstrual cups are said to reduce cramps and other annoying menstruation symptoms as they are not fibrous like tampons that contain a multiplicity of chemicals and materials that result in bacterial and toxin absorption leading to cramping.


If you are no longer happy with other feminine hygiene products, using menstrual cups are worth a try. You can use them for absolutely a long time, you can even bring them wherever you go, and it is a perfect choice if you are leading an active lifestyle. Once you try them, it would be tough to go back to your classic go-to period products.


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