What’s Tickin’ on TikTok ?

Iyabo Ojo is living it up on TikTok and we just can’t get enough! 


Nigerian actress, Iyabo Ojo, is our favorite TikTok celebrity for the month of June. When she is not making movies, this super talented actress can be seen on TikTok sharing joy and laughter with her videos. With over 150 interesting and fun videos and a following of over 138K, we love Iyabo Ojo’s energy and the character this creative genius puts behind it all. We see, love, and salute you. Click here to see more videos.

Meet this brilliant creator Samskid_

Many things about Samskid_’s TikTok feed grabs your attention, his fiery colored hair, his loony facial reactions, the brilliant blend of original comical thoughts, and accompanying music. But what makes him irresistible is his use of nostalgia about Nigerian childhood antics and theatrics to build an audience of over 240,000 followers on the platform predicated on visual excellence. Click here to check him out.

What Went Viral?

Dudukechallenge was created by Nigerian Musician, @Simplysimi, when she danced happily showing her pregnancy and encouraged her fans to do likewise. Her happiness was contagious as people shared videos with towel bellies, pot bellies, and even flat bellies. This challenge began just around the Mother’s Day celebration and quickly became a tune for celebrating soon-to-be-mothers. In just 7 days, the hashtag got over 3M views! Over 5k users posted videos using this hashtag and over 13k videos were shared. This viral hashtag is currently sitting on 28.9M views.

#Wipeitdownwas all the rage this month. This viral trend showcased users wiping a mirror to either reveal different, more fancy versions of themselves or another person in the shot with them. The magic of this trend lies in the fact that the “reveal” could be so unexpected. The main lyric of the sound created a perfect verbal cue for the “wipe it down” action. In just 7 days this trend got over 11M views and 31K shares. The hashtag has over 4k creations to date. Some celebrities who joined this challenge are @willsmith, @Stevenchuks and @elozonam1, check them out!


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