What I Think of The “O Je Wa Ke Eng” Twitter Trend


So a couple of days ago, a popular Twitter influencer tweeted “o je wa ke eng“, which translates to “what’s bothering you” in a South African language, and I was amazed at how much people had to say.

A lot of Nigerians really opened up, spoke about the struggles they’re facing both in life, school, family, and more. For a society that makes people scared to talk about their pain in public, it was really good seeing people finally let loose. Which, even if help may not have come right after they shared their problems, they would at least feel a little bit relieved sharing their pain and with all the love and support they got.

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It was now shocking to see that barely a day after, people turned o je wa ke eng to an absolute joke. They were using it to troll, banter, make jokes, and gave it different variations “Arsenal edition”, “sex edition”, “money edition”, “twitter edition”, and many more unnecessary variations like that. Not to mention the obvious lies people are telling just because they want to jump on the trend.

I think it’s really sad that Nigerians are turning something that could have mentally helped a lot of people into a joke. Imagine having to share your mental, physical, and emotional pain on the same platform that people are using to make jokes and troll you on!

We need to learn when to be serious. Not everything should be turned into a joke because you want to trend. We clearly still have a lot of growing up to do. And this is part of the reasons that politicians and our leaders aren’t taking us seriously.

Learn and restrain yourself!


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