What I Think of Banky W & The Line Between Trolling and Disrespect

Banky WYes, I’m back again, and Lord does Nigerian Twitter know how to bring out both the best and worst in people?

So over the weekend, Banky W was accused on Twitter of collecting bribes from Buhari to help with his campaign. People started trolling him, and Banky surprisingly lawyered up to prove his innocence and bring his accusers to justice.

First of all, I think Banky needs to know how to take a troll. Although he’s in a precarious situation now considering the fact that he’s contesting for a post as House of Rep in Eti Osa, and such a slander can affect his ambitions, and defamations usually bites politicians in the ass later.

However, this lady below, she has some serious mental issues. She reeks of lack of home training and a lot of negativity. Peep the tweets below in response to Banky W tweeting that he’s lawyering up.

Now, a lot of people don’t know the difference between trolling and disrespecting someone. Banky W is clearly older than you, he can comfortably take the place of a big brother in your life and you are saying things like this that you won’t dare tell your elder brother, all because you are hiding behind your keyboard?

Banky W really messed up for not following through! Forgiveness is one thing, but he should have taken the matter up as Mr Falana did with that tweep who accused him wrongly.

I genuinely believe that if celebs and people started taking allegations and disrespect being masked as trolls to court, when more people start sleeping in jail for saying things they wouldn’t dare tell their elders face-to-face, then people will learn to hold their tongues.

How can you abuse a man and his wife all because of your low IQ and lack of restraint? Pfft!

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