What I Think About Being Gay and The Hypocrisy That Comes With It

Okay, let me start with this important disclaimer, “I am not shaming, hating the LGBTQ community, any religion or anyone,” but this post has to be done. It has to be written for the greater good of the country and to get clarification for something that’s been on my mind for a while.

Let’s start with the law, the law says that any gay guy caught in the act will spend the next 14 years in prison. Now in a real and legal world, you will investigate suspected homosexuals that are more or less out in the open. People like Bobrisky, for instance.

Now, entering religion, homosexuality is a sin in Christian doctrine, Islamic doctrine condemns homosexuality, and even though different country laws are beginning to accept being gay as legal, religion, on the other hand, still condemns it.

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Here, we have Bobrisky, who by the laws of both Nigerian religion and governmental/societal laws, should be in jail. He has confessed to being gay, is a queer, and is slowly becoming a transexual. He basically checks out three of the five categories of the LGBTQ community.

It’s okay if he doesn’t get arrested because his alleged big gods are powerful people in the country, but when religion starts accepting him, it raises a couple of questions. Because he gave a mosque half a million, the Alfa and other Muslims were celebrating him and even singing and dancing for him as he was spraying them. Note that he was dressed as a woman while spraying them.

So what energy are we keeping here? Are we accepting and going pro-LGBTQ or not? Is our government going to finally pass a bill for it, and will religion start accepting them as saints and not sinners (even though the various holy books condemn it)?

What exactly are we doing in this country, I really need to know. If by chance you can explain it to me in the comment section below, I will really appreciate it.

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