What I Think About “When Are You Taking Me Out” People

True story. There was a day I got home like around 8 PM, took my bath, ate, and was fully engrossed in Attack on Titan when I got a call from a friend of mine telling me to check my phone. Apparently, she had been messaging me and she thought I wasn’t answering on purpose.

I checked my phone and then responded to all the messages accordingly, and continued chatting while enjoying my beautiful anime. We gisted, caught up about things we had missed, and then she proceeded to tell me she was working in Lagos now, which was cool. Fast-forward to three minutes later and she asked, “So when are you taking me out?”

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I was immediately turned off. Like that statement is you asking me, “so when am I going to have a good time with the money in your pocket?” or “when am I going to spend your money?” It was really annoying to be honest because first of all, I never said I wanted to take you out and then you make it seem like the purpose of going out is to spend money and not enjoy each other’s company.

It’s like someone asking you “so when are you coming to have sex with me?” or “when are you sending me money?” More refined people will ask “so when are we going out?” or “we should hang out soon, maybe go see a movie, lunch or dinner!” Not “when are you taking me out.” That just makes you sound like a ratchet person who is looking to spend other people’s money.

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