What I Think About Wale Saying Nigerian Parents Don’t Tell Their Kids They Love Them

Yesterday on Twitter (yes, I mention Twitter a lot because that is my favourite social media platform, bite me and then follow me @_JohnME_), a video of Wale speaking on Red Table about parent-siblings dynamics and love surfaced on my timeline.

In the video (below), Wale said that in Nigeria, parents don’t know how to say “I love you” to their children, instead they can do something to show they love you too, but saying it seems like a hard thing to do.

When I saw the video, the first thing that came to my mind was, Wale is absolutely right. At least 75% of Nigerian parents don’t know how to say those three words. It almost seems like an ordeal or a trial they’d rather not have to go through.

Most of our parents either say things like, “God bless you”, “have you eaten”, “do you have money?” or something along those lines. In fact, I dare say that if your dad or mum tells you they love you right now, you may be dazed for like a second because it isn’t something you were expecting.

Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily! Can you survive without being told you are loved? Yes, you can. Although it is good to hear it, them showing it matters just as much or even more, and that is why they get a pass mark because Lord knows that Nigerian parents can go through hell and high water to put a smile on their child’s faces, no matter the cost or toll it takes on their own bodies and lives. And that is enough.


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