What I Think About This New Fashion Trend

If there was ever a time for God to come before something becomes a trend, then this is clearly that case.

So on my way to work today, my girlfriend sent me a link to an Instagram post. I opened it and lo and behold, what I saw, was something that left me laughing, crying and wishing that the world would just end already. Check out the post below.


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The question here is, “what is happening?” Is this the new level of low that fashion is introducing for women to indulge in? Think about it for a minute. Why will anyone want to wear that sort of thing, and to what end exactly?

Looking at it from the fashion angle, you can’t be wearing that thing every day, so on the days you go out and don’t wear it, everyone will know that you are being obviously fake. And looking at it deeper, from the first day you decide to wear it, people will already know that you either went to do surgery or you are wearing pads (both of which are really sad, if we are being honest).

Next is the self-esteem behind it. When you wear it, you will get the attention that you are looking for, yes! But what happens after that? The guy will probably ask you out on a date, and one way or the other, he will discover that there are a world of lies under your clothes. He will break up with you and then you will come online to cry that “men are scum”, “men are only attracted to big assets blah blah blah”. When in actual fact, you are the fake person and probably the scum in this situation for leading a man on based on his preferences and then letting him down.

That’s what I think, thank you for coming to my fashion Ted Talk, and drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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