What I Think About The Nigerian System

Long ago, in different lands evergreen, full of bright minds, groundnut pyramids, hardworking farmers, bronze casters and sculptors, and bright playful children, there were hearts filled with love, doing the right thing, trust and more (even though there were territorial disputes, but there wasn’t really that much “National security” level of threat. Then a certain lord’s side-chick aggregated the lands together and called it “Nigeria”, and everything went downhill from there.

The Nigerian system has been flawed since before it was called Nigeria. Basically, there are too many tribes who have not, are not, and will probably never ever see eye-to-eye for the country to fully work. The language barriers are too many, the differences in the various systems are too much, and overall, the people at the helm of affairs are too concerned with their own personal goals to care about true unity.

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The closest to unity we have ever gotten is the NYSC scheme, which was a Gowon initiative after the civil war, but like all long-term things in Nigeria, maintenance is a serious issue.

Every region has its own problems like the North being okay with child marriage (for some disgusting reason), the south are really suffering from oil spillage and waste which is leaving them with oil-infested water and food, dead animals on both land and sea, and deformed children who deserve better lives. The East has too many differences and internal strife for a region that everyone speaks the same (or almost the same) language, and the West is giving the facade that it’s thriving whereas it is slowly dying from overpopulation and the money being made isn’t fully going back into the economy because there are people’s pockets that need to be fed.

Terrorism too is another problem. The North has Boko Haram & Fulani Herdsmen, the South have the Militants (who have good intentions because they are fighting for their land. The oil spill and waste is no joke for real, but they are going about it the wrong way.), the East are their own terrorists because they can’t come together as one when it truly matters, and the West, even though OPC was taken care of by Obasanjo, the people who live in the shadows are terrorising everyone intelligently because many people do not notice it.

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So what do I think about the Nigerian system, it is flawed to the core. Until we all can put aside our differences and come together as one, it doesn’t seem like things are going to change. And that is where the powerful are feeding off of, they know that even the different regions aren’t united within themselves, so how much more the different regions coming together as one!

I believe that one day, everyone in Nigeria will come to understand each other and know that the only way to truly take back our country is to be of one mind. And I hope that day comes soon.

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