What I Think About The Lagos Building Collapse and Children Paying For The Sins of Their Fathers

Source: BBC Africa

Yesterday, tragedy struck Lagos as a building full of little children, who wanted nothing more than to learn, get educated, and make enough money to either help or flee this disastrous nation, collapsed into rubble.

So far, rescue operations went on yesterday and many children have been recovered, with many others confirmed dead. A parent lost five children in the accident, another had just paid the school fees of his three children that same morning and now two of the three have been confirmed dead.

I don’t think my heart has ever bled like it did yesterday, and at the same time, it was raging like never before because for this case justice must be carried out. The main problem now is, “who is to blame?”

Reports say that the building had been marked twice for demolition, but an official was bribed, the building repainted and life continued living and going in and out of a building that was closer to collapsing than Nigeria is closer to being corrupt-free with all the promises President Buhari has made to fight corruption. So automatically, the bribed government official and the landlord deserve to be punished.

Looking closer, there’s no way the owner of the school didn’t know about the sorry state of the building, and for you to have the guts to endanger the lives of innocent children? I know we are not to speak ill of the dead (he has been confirmed dead), but damn you! And if you make the case that he didn’t know, then all the people living and working in the area who knew about the building but didn’t warn the proprietor are to blame.

What about the parents of the school? Did they know about the building too? If they did, why would they still send their kids there? My colleague made the argument that it’s not their fault because things are hard enough as is, and if the average Nigerian (who by definition is so poor that eating three-square meals a day is a luxury) sees an affordable place to live and/or educate their children (especially in a private school), they will jump at it with both eyes closed and arms stretched wider than the eyes can see.

I had to agree with him on it because it is nothing but the truth. But look at the cost? Look at who is suffering for the sins of their fathers yet again? The innocent children! And the fathers aren’t just the parents. In this case, the fathers are the older generation who all knew about the imminent demise of the building and bribed their way, collected money, and set up a school in a place that they should have been running away from. All because of money.

This really leaves more bile in my mouth, tears in my eyes and a pain in my heart that I can’t describe. But please, if you are available, donate blood and save a life today.

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