What I Think About R. Kelly’s Criminal Offences & Who The Real Culprits Are

R. KellyShould it be only R. Kelly that should be prosecuted?

Ever since LifeTime’s Surviving R.Kelly short series premiered, the world started re-taking note of the RnB superstar’s many misconducts both sexually and domestically. And if we are being honest, it made us rethink almost all the lyrics to his songs as well as whether the many allegations against him over the years were true or not.

If you didn’t watch the series, let me list a couple of things R. Kelly allegedly did below:

  • He married Aaliyah when she was 15-years-old because she was pregnant for him and only a spouse or family member can sign off on an abortion
  • He locked his wife indoors. She couldn’t even come to the living room without permission.
  • He had sex with numerous teenagers he promised to help make their music career boom. Even going as far as having a bedroom in his studio for easy access.
  • He had threesomes with teenagers and made them do lewd acts which he filmed and watched at his leisure.
  • And many, many more acts.

With the many crimes he allegedly committed, it’s no surprise that he is currently facing criminal sexual abuse that if found guilty will see him spend up to 40 years in prison.

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However, I think that R.Kelly isn’t solely to blame for everything. If you pause to think about it, how can someone who can’t read or write be able to sort out cheques, book flights, and do all the necessary paperwork and more that will enable him to carry out all those acts successfully?

The real culprits were the people who aided and abetted his numerous crimes, so why aren’t they investigating tho those people are in order to also see them face justice and the law?

If the law truly wants to give the victims total justice, then they should also be prosecuted alongside Kelly. Sure, their sentences shouldn’t be as bad as the singer’s, but they should face justice all the same, so that they will be the scapegoats that will teach others who are either currently doing or planning on aiding criminal acts because of paycheck or a false sense of brotherhood, not to even dream of it, but instead report to the appropriate authorities.

And if you are scared of them coming for you, an anonymous tip will work just fine.

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