What I Think About Bitter Exes & Side Chicks Who Forget Their Place

Yesterday on our dear Nigerian Twitter, a lady created a handle “GirlChild18”, and went totally off, exposing a man’s alleged infidelity and going as far as tagging his bride-to-be, who is preparing to get married to the said man on Saturday.

She didn’t stop there, she went as far as abusing his manhood, calling it “small”, and even posted a picture of a penis that was allegedly his and matched her claims that it was indeed small.

First of all, its already common knowledge by now that when you say things like “with your small broomstick penis that can’t reach anywhere”, it is very obvious that you are extremely pained about something. How can a penis be so small yet it managed to reach your heart and even break it? Oh, we are not going to talk about revenge nudes today because I have already done that. You can read it here.

But I do have something to say to bitter exes. Yes, shit happened. Yes, you are pained, yes he promised you heaven and earth when you were together. But you aren’t together anymore! You have no right to try and destroy his happiness with the person he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with. [Oh, this doesn’t count for ladies who were in a relationship with a man only to discover that he is getting married to someone else on the weekend (Please, if you are in this case, go off, destroy their wedding cake, disrupt their wedding, go a little crazy… but just a little! Don’t call me to come and bail you out of jail.)] And you had the guts to call out his bride and tag her to the derogatory pictures and more? Why didn’t you use your real handle with your chest?

As for the side chicks. This is for side chicks who know they are side-chicks. You are the one who chose to be in that position. So when it comes to facing the music, then face it with your chest. Don’t get jealous when the man decides to drop you because those are the unwritten rules of being a side-chick. It’s harsh, but that is the reality.

Coming online to tell us stories that touch and cry foul, wolf, and every animal in the book is not right for both the parties involved and we Twitter users who you are trying to drag into your glorified mess!


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