What I think About Begging Celebrities For Money on Social Media

I woke up this morning, spry, looking dapper, wore my straight cool face look and headed out. Picture that in your head (especially my cool look)! Now imagine the 360 change my face suffered when I went online and saw Paul Okoye’s Instagram post.

In the post, a fan (or maybe not) asked Rudeboy for a whopping $2 Million dollars to start a business! Yea, you heard me right, two crazy million dollars. Not naira, dollars.

I agree that the situation of things in the country is bad enough and the country doesn’t help entrepreneurs in any way. And yes, getting capital to start your business is hard especially when your family isn’t buoyant, but coming online to ask for such an amount is very unnecessary. $2 million is a mindblowing N740 million. That is almost N1 billion.

Dear Lord, I don’t even know what to say about this, to be honest. There are levels to asking for money both from peers, family members, and celebrities alike. And such an amount seems more of a scam than anything really (it might not be, but it is a possibility).

When thinking of asking for money, ask yourself this question first: If someone comes to ask me for money in this manner, and asks for this amount, will I give him/her?

Think about it…

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