What I Think About “Acrimony” Boys & Girls

So, today on my daily opinion session, I’m going in hard on people who barely know someone (or like two weeks into the relationship) and you have already turned the person into your “personal ATM”.

Today at work, we were having one of our epic discussions and the topic of “why is it easy for girls to ask and demand money from their boyfriends but it isn’t the same vice-versa?” Well, we all agreed that that’s the way the world works, but the major problem here is the fact that a colleague mentioned that there are people who ask their partners for money incessantly even when the relationship is less than a month old.

What in the actual crap is that?

Now, this doesn’t apply to the sensible girls and boys out there who don’t follow the “my boy/girlfriend’s money is our money but my own money is mine alone.” Now, if you don’t fall into the category above, then you can continue reading because the post is for you.

You aren’t entitled to your man or woman’s money. If your boy/girlfriend wants to help you out, then that’s fine. But if you dare go belittling your partner outside saying “he/she didn’t give me money when I asked.” “why can’t he give me money?” “Broke person, etc.”

You are the actual problem, not your partner, YOU. Go and work for your money for crying out loud. Make an effort to take care of and do things for yourself. If you don’t know, it is actually empowering. Don’t be an “Acrimony” boy/girl.

If that doesn’t say a lot about you, then I don’t know what else will.

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