“We Can’t Be Friends If I Can’t Date/F**k You”. That’s What Men Say!!!

Sex or friendship
Sex or friendship

So lately, ladies have been going on and on about how guys tend to disappear on them once they realize they can’t get certain things from them and I don’t know if I am crazy but I don’t see anything wrong in that. As a matter of fact, I applaud the guys.

I appreciate an honest guy. most guys approach girls with the story of wanting to be friends but have other intentions and friendship in most cases isn’t on the list.

However, there are guys who come out straight with their intentions, no matter what it is, whether it is a sexual interest, friendship, dating or marriage. Now, those are the kind of guys I appreciate.

Now what I don’t get is why ladies complain when guys tend to move on. Imagine I were a guy and I walk up to a lady asking for a sexual relationship but get rejected. What do I do next but move on?

Sex or friendship
Sex or friendship

What am I staying around for? I’m not gonna get what I want so why force the friendship when that wasn’t the initial wish? There is absolutely nothing wrong in walking away. As a matter of fact, I think nothing can be better than that.

So, ladies need to stop making a big deal out of nothing You can’t give a guy what he wants from you, let him go. Don’t be selfish or greedy, do not keep a guy only for what you get, whether you like the attention or you get gifts and money from him.

In most cases, letting them walk away is in your own best interest.

If you can’t give a guy what he wants from you, let him walk and do not make an issue of it.

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