Warning!!! Lagos Traffic Is Slowly Crawling Back

Lagos traffic
Lagos traffic

For those that stayed back in Lagos during the holiday, like me and experienced the marvellous work of God on the Lagos traffic, I regret to announce to you that Egyptians we saw last year are threatening to return. (If you know what I mean).

We were on a low during the holiday, enjoying Lagos roads at its freest and that was when we realized that Lagos shouldn’t be meant for everyone. We are overly populated in this state, but why?

To even think that our greatest fear is coming to pass. The people that travelled for the holiday (which made Lagos desirably habitable) are not only returning but are importing their families and village people.

This is code red!!! It is just the second week of January and Google map is already pepper red. Why? Travel buses lined up in Lagos from other states, every day, so much that it is scary.

Lagos traffic
Lagos traffic

Can’t they just stay back in their villages? What has Nollywood done to us? Portraying Lagos to be the place of everyone’s dream and making people think they get paid for moving to Lagos. Why are they making our lives difficult?

It’s so painful to think that I have to resume waking up by 6.00am, some of you 4.00am or 5.00am to spend between 2hrs to 3hrs on a journey of minutes when I should wake up by 7.30am and probably head to work by 8.00am.

Anyways, we can’t really help it, can we? This is just a WARNING, brace yourself for the impact will be difficult.

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