These Vocal Exercises Will Have You Singing Like A Pro

Some people have it, some just don’t got it at all. In our heads, we are all talented singers (especially in your bathroom) but the reality is that some voices can make heaven collapse. We secretly wish we had that kind of voice that will leave a crowd breathless, countless times we see on singing shows, people coming forward to “attempt” to sing, which simply leaves us with a belly full of laughter (plus the embarrassing images they bless us with).

So here are a couple of exercises that will help improve your voice.

Focus on Breathing

Your breathing should be calm and controlled, as being able to obtain and release a lung full of air is the foundation to clarity in your voice. Inhaling should come effortless, this is achieved by relaxing the shoulders. Doing this allows the chest to remain open, the space your chest creates, the more capacity your lungs will have to hold air. You don’t want to start singing and sound like you’re choking. Place your hand in front of your mouth and see how much air you’re forcing out, the less the better. Once you can master this with your normal pitch, you can begin to play with lower and higher pitches

Reduce Jaw Tension

Before singing, you will want to remove all the tension that exists in your jaw or you won’t be able pronounce your words clearly. To do this, use yor palms or the heel of your hand to massage your jaw without applying too much force. Allow your jaw to open and close and move left and right as you perform this massage.

Try Humming

This is a good exercise for vocal control, begin by inhaling through your nose and produce a long, low hum while exhaling in the process keep your mouth closed and focus on allowing the vibration in your throat to relax. Repeat the process with your mouth open and practice making sure your nasal passage stays open.

Suck On A Straw

The focus here is to understand how to control the quality of a sound that stays loud, clear, and deep for a long time all the while stretching your vocal cords. Use a straw or make a mouth as if sucking on a straw. Inhaling through this shape making the “woo”, hold this steady at a lower pitch, this stretches your vocal cords and allows for vocal control.

Lip Buzz

Take a breath and allow your lips to meet and allow your lips to “buzz” as if you’re making the sound of a power bike. Keep your tongue relaxed with no tension, this allows your lips to have plenty of blood flow. Once you have achieved this, you can introduce different pitches into your buzzing. If this is done effectively, you should notice a tickling in your mouth and nose, however, don’t over do it.

These exercises done in one day will not guarantee that you’ll be singing like Justin Bieber or your favorite musician, however, with constant practice and a whole lot of dedication, you’ll notice that you will be better than where you currently are.

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