Viral Video: Guy Pulls off An Unreal Stunt on WaterSlide

The internet was shook all through yesterday when a video of a guy pulling an amazing stunt on a waterslide, went viral.

The guy – Rolando Johnson – is a 21-year-old lifeguard who claims that the video was absolutely real and he had been practising it for 2 years before finally pulling it off.

The technique is pretty simple:
1. Get a big push at the top of the slide for maximum speed
2. Cross your legs and sit up RIGHT before shooting out of the tube.

Rolando says that sitting up motion, coupled with the speed creates the glide.

Roland also went on to say that a bunch of his co-workers can do the glide, he just happened to be the one captured doing it this week.

He says the lifeguards are now a tourist attraction … with people lining up to watch ’em skip their ass over the pool.

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