(VIDEO REVIEW) Rudeboy – Nkenji Keke: He Finally Outdid Himself

Let’s put aside the Peter vs Paul beef and trying to outdo themselves via their music and videos, this video is one of the most mint videos to come out of the Okoye family. From the setting to the plot of the music video, it’s safe to say Paul has finally outdone himself.

The audio of the music is beautiful as Paul mixes Igbo language with English and delivers a beautiful melody that will leave you singing along. The setting of the video was in nature, with a couple (Paul and a video vixen, a hot video vixen) having a picnic date on the mountain and then they take it to a stream that has a fall and does the usual Nollywood romance love play. Then while they play in the stream a young village boy invites them to a village jamboree and Paul joins in and sings for the villager and impresses his lover.

Thumbs on to Paul on this beautiful audiovisual, it would definitely be on replay. Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

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