(VIDEO REVIEW) Ice Prince – Replay: ??????????????????????

Ice Prince just dropped a new track and for some weird (but expected) reason it’s not really dominating the airwaves or topping any charts.Maybe because the track isn’t all that and he disturbed our ears with his weak bars. Or maybe because he did the song as a Forget me not, meaning he just did it to remind us that he’s still alive and he still sings, or raps, or whatever he does these days.
Ok maybe that was a bit harsh, but Iceprince is (allegedly) an OG in the rap game and we expect way better from him.

In all fairness, the video isn’t bad at all. It consists of the usuals, light-skinned video vixen shaking their booty, male dancers doing their thing and Ice Prince dressed to spewing his sing-song rap. I feel Ice Prince needs to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate his career and the direction he’s going. Yes he’s an A-list artist (past glory) and he has the cash (also allegedly), but he needs to drop some solid tracks with delicious content or at least something we can all dance to and collect lap dance to.

Wath the video below and tell us if I was a bit too harsh in my review or you totally agree with everything I said and felt I was even being nice.

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