#VibeQuickie: You Shouldn’t Be In The Labour Room With Her, Here’s Why

Back in our forefathers days when their wives gave birth, they’d stay outside the hut and drink palm wine and brukutu with their friends while the midwives stayed indoors with the wife and delivered the child. Everything was cool and no one complained.

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And then, the white man came and fvcked shit up. They said that it’s romantic for a man to be in the labour room with his while she gives birth to their child. They say it makes him respect her and appreciate her more because he’d see the pain she goes through and blablabla. Yes they are correct, but, there’s a psychological backlash that follows being in the labour room and seeing a child pop outta your wives Vajayjay.

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The average man calls a woman’s private part a ‘Pussy’. It’s sexy calling a woman’s vag a ‘Pussy’. It’s sultry, fun, youthful, and the word ‘Pussy’ just rolls off one’s tongue. But the moment a man see’s the head of his child leave the private part of his wife, the pussy morphs and becomes a vagina. Many men have said that after being in the labour room and seeing their wife give birth, though the love and respect they had for her increase, the drive and urge to pound her in bed drastically reduce. Why? because they saw what they weren’t meant to see.

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My dear Nigerian men, I get that we’re all woke and whatnot, but please let’s leave the weird things to the white people, for your own good, don’t stay inside the labour room with your wife. Be like your forefathers and encourage her from outside shouting ‘Baby I love you’.

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