#VibeQuickie: The Day I Knew Nigerian Youths Weren’t Fit To Be Leaders

As a Nigerian Youth, I’ve always wondered why Nigeria keeps recycling the same old and shrivelled Politicians over and over again. We’ve had two presidents who have ruled us twice in different decades and once a governor is done with his term he takes up another government post like being a minister or whatnot. Nigeria is like a loose girl that a clique of old men pass around themselves and they refuse to let the young cats have their turn.

Recently, EFCC did their job and busted an alleged Online fraudster in a club party. In his entourage was a plethora of the biggest online fraudsters in Nigeria and most of them were arrested with their exotic vehicles seized. In my opinion, this is a good deed and the EFCC should be commended for their actions. Then swoops in the Nigerian youths with their rants that won’t change anything. They started to bash the EFCC saying they were wrong for arresting only these fraudsters saying these fraudsters actually help the Nigerian economy and blablabla and the EFCC should have arrested politicians who steal Nigeria’s money. This caused an online war because people started choosing sides and while some were for the arrest of the fraudsters, a lot were against it.

This is what my country has been reduced to. Youths openly supporting fraudsters and shaming the armed forces for doing their jobs and arresting these fraudsters. And yet we wonder why these old men who rule Nigeria refuse to let us enter their caucus and rule the country.

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