#Vibequickie: Should marriage proposals be done publicly or privately?



So…… I went to an eatery for a snack, not the usual crowded one but a low key place with nice food and snacks. While enjoying my food, a man and his wife walked in and sat at the alcove area of the eatery. As they ordered their meal and were waiting, I was doing a brief observation of the couple. The man looked like he was in his early 40s while the lady looked like she was in her early 20s. Seeing them, one would know this two liked each other. They talked and laughed loud. I just felt happy inside me for they were good together. Then suddenly the man went on one knee and brought out a small box. What! I had thought they were married. The eatery was quite scanty, so no one could notice what was happening but me, but then again I was probably stalking them.

So the man brought a beautiful purple case box which contained a sliver ring, before he could say the words the lady quickly told him to get up. From the way it was, the lady wasn’t accepting the ring. I could see confusion, fear and embarrassment written all over the man’s face, and this made me wonder, why didn’t she accept his proposal? Did she not love the man? Should the man have proposed privately to avoid the embarrassment of her refusal?


All these questions came to my mind but the answers i could come up with were:

Fear: Maybe she was scared. Like when you know you want something so huge and it’s just right there in front of you and you frightened/ overwhelmed by it. Or maybe she didn’t like a public proposal which made her shy and have cold feet.

Love factor: Maybe she didn’t love him that much to marry him or he had cheated or done something that made her doubt him.

Time factor:  Maybe his timing was wrong. Like she wasn’t ready for marriage and him throwing such a bomb on her made her nervous.

Parents’ factor: If he had not met her parents, or she feels they might not accept him and she didn’t want to commit by accepting the ring.

Age factor: Maybe he was too old for her and she wasn’t too OK with it.

In conclusion I feel as a man  you should know and understand your woman well, know how she would like to be proposed to. If you don’t know, ask her without asking her  (ask her indirectly). For the women, you can tell him stylishly how you would like to be proposed to.

Proposals aside though, marriage is not about the wedding occasion or a big ring. It’s about two people who have decided to be together against all odds. People who have accepted each other’s flaws and are willing to tolerate each other till the end. Love, sometimes fade it’s the friendship, understanding and respect that keeps the marriage throughout time.

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