#VibeQuickie: Runtown’s Unleash is a weak emancipation single???


To get you up to speed, Runtown has officially announced his secession from Eric Many; the record label to which he got signed to in 2014.

After a roller coaster of events that ranged from payout irregularities to death threats, Runtown did not only walk out of the toxic relationship but floated his own record label referred to as SoundGod Music Group, a few days later.

Despite waiting till the expiration date of his contract (which should have originally ended in 2016), Eric Many still claims that Runtown owes the label an album and the unthinkable amount of over 266 million Naira.

Not to take sides but it is impressive to know that Runtown now seems legally ready to face all the many lawsuits that have been filed against him by Eric Many (who on their part have been sounding like a broken record lately).


While wishing Runtown the very best as he enters this new phase of his career, it is hard to understand why he chose Unleash as the first single to come out of SoundGod Music group.

Without a doubt, artistes release lukewarm songs every day. Even Davido had his share of Flora My Flawa in his back to back hits season but a release that endorses the beginning of what has the potential to grow into an empire, shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What’s even more baffling is that the instrumental mirrors Wizkid’s Fake Love so much that it almost feels like Runtown took a different approach in making a cover rather than an original song. This makes one wonder what happened to the DelB/ Runtown music bromance that birthed the evergreen Mad Over you and even Energy (But I guess they can be pardoned this one time ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️).

The only remotely acceptable reason here is the possibility of testing the waters to know what lengths Eric Many would go to thwart Runtown’s independent efforts. There have been previous cases of record labels reaching out to various broadcast/digital media, instructing them not to feature or put the songs of their ex-artistes in rotation.

Eric Many actually did refer to the Unleash song in their most recent legal statement which partly reads:

…He also failed to deliver an Album which the Contract requires him to deliver to us during the Contract Period. Under the contract if there is outstanding money or Album by 22nd June 2018, end of the Contract Period, the Contract enters into an Option Period of one year.

Runtown has neither honoured the Contract Period nor the Option Period. Following our application, Abuja High Court made an Interim Order on 10th May 2018, barring Runtown from any performance or recording of any song outside our Contract until the issues are sorted out by Court.

The Judge also ordered that status quo be maintained until our Motion praying for this protection is decided. Yet on 27th June, 2018 Runtown released a new song outside our Contract.

Determined to follow due process in our dispute with Runtown we have filed a Contempt of Court case against him. Following Court Order to serve Runtown by publication in the Punch, our Notice of Contempt of Court is published at page 22 of The Punch Newspaper today.

If he still fails to respect the Court Order by removing the song, we will follow up with the next steps to ensure Runtown is committed to prison, since he is not above the law…’

It is only on this basis that the choice of Unleash can be pardoned. Should Eric Many succeed in their ploy to cockblock the circulation of the song, it honestly won’t be missed.

I do expect this opinion to be disagreed with, but I’d be thrilled to know your angle. Please share with me below???.

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