#VibeQuickie: Are Nigerian Youths Really Lazy?

In another episode of 101 things that are wrong with Nigeria, We present, ‘Nigerian Youths Are Lazy‘. Yup, that’s what Your president recently said in ‘The’ abroad. Not in Nigeria, Abroad!!! (and yet you wonder why nobody abroad wants to employ the Nigerian youth).

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If we’re being honest I’m not even shocked that he said what he said, I’d be more shocked if he called us hardworking and said positive things about us. The part that baffles me is that election season is right around the corner, isn’t this meant to be the ‘Kiss ass and lie to everyone’ season? or is he so sure that he’d win the election (via rigging of course) that he has no need to kiss anyone’s ass thus throwing caution to the wind?

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Anyways, the Youths of Nigeria were triggered by this statement (then again, who wouldn’t be) and took to Twitter to throw a few comebacks and shades to defend themselves on the dirty statements their president had to say about them.

Below are some of the best replies that made our cut.




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