#VibeQuickie: “I’ll Never Eat Booty”, That’s What They All Say

Over the weekend on Twitter, a guy was accused of raping three girls and it was trending. In his defence, he brought out receipts and showed a video of one of the accusers giving him a rim job, AKA eating his booty. This same girl is the girl that screamed that she’d never have sex with a guy on the first date, she’d never collect money for sex and whatnot and in the end, a video of her surfaced online eating booty just because a guy took her clubbing and spent half a million on her.

Then again, isn’t that the story of a lot(not all) of Nigerian girls. “I’d never sleep with a man on the first date”, ‘I’d never go to a man’s house for sex’, ‘I can never go on a date with a man that spends less than 10k’ etc. But, they do even worse than the alleged things they say and they keep saying they’d never do them online just to score cool points.

Guys know this, Oh yes we do, and we don’t argue. You wanna shout online that you’d never go on a date less than 20k, No problem. We’d take you on a date worth 8k and you’d enjoy the hell out of it. You’d even post a picture of the date online and tag it #LagosTrotting #GirlaboutTown #WakaWakaLife.

That being said, Rape is a VERY disgusting thing and any man (Or woman) that rapes someone should be reported and imprisoned. Rape messes the victim up and scars them both emotionally and physically If you have a friend who rapes people you should either report them to the authorities or talk to them to stop.

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