VibeQuickie: How Radical Feminists Keep Doing The Most

As we all know, the Tennis French opening announced their new dress code and it in no way favoured Serena Williams dressing. The usual dress code for female tennis players is a short skirt and a polo top or a sleeveless top. Serena Williams use to wear that but recently after her childbirth, she decided to wear a Nike designed Black Panther type of suit so people kinda feel the dress code rule was made because of her. They felt the new dress code of conduct was updated just to make her stop wearing her suit.

Here’s the thing, if a basketballer or a soccer player wore sweatpants to the pitch or court, he’s breaking the dress code rule so even though we love Serena and whatnot, let’s call a spade a spade, she’s also breaking the rule. I’m also aware that another not so popular white woman wears something similar to what Serena wears but since the rule has been made they’d both have to stop wearing their suits.

Let’s travel to the dirtiest part of the internet filled with trolls and potty mouths, Twitter. The twitter community said this was an act of racism and because Serena Williams is black the rules were made to bring her down. I don’t live in the USA so I don’t really think I should weigh in on Racism because I don’t experience it first hand.

Then, the bored radical Feminists decided to weigh in and said it was done out of misogyny and chauvinism. HOW??? How is this misogyny?. I am TIRED of these radical feminists always crying wolf and using every opportunity to shit on men, play the victim and make men look like scum. Little by little, radical feminism is morphing into Misandry where women just bully and bash men, just because they can. While I feel bad for Serena Williams, I feel she might be on the wrong and maybe the rules were made out of racism, it in no way was made out of Misogyny or Chauvinism.

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