VibeQuickie: Does The Man Really Own The Woman Though?

Recently, I stumbled across a video where some ladies were debating about an issue of a man who removed his woman’s wombs for reasons known to him. While all the women in the debate agreed that what he did was utter crap and wrong, one woman saw it from a different angle and this is what she had to say.

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As usual, everyone went bizarre in the comment section and said she’s spewing crap and called her all sorts of names. Do I think the man was right for removing his wife’s womb without her knowledge, Hell NO, Thats barbaric. Do I agree that the man OWNS a woman after marrying her? No, he doesn’t own her. But, Do I agree with the points she made and do I think they are valid? YES. I agree a hundred percent.

It’s like you being a teenager and living with your parents. They pay the bills, feed you, pay for your school fees and basically cater to you, and then because your white friend who just came back from the US tells you that abroad kids can talk back to their parents and whatnot, you feel you can also try it with your Nigerian parents and you deem them as equals.

For a husband and a wife to be truly equal, the wife needs to pull her weight and be as successful as the man and even more successful. You can’t say you want a man who’d spend, provide and cater to all your needs (while you really don’t bring much to the table) and still expect him to treat you as an equal.

Let’s paint a scenario. A man who’s a multi-millionaire marries a woman who’s a millionaire. She owns her business and can take care of herself with or without a man. Do you think the man would be dumb enough to boss the woman around knowing fully well she can leave him anytime and be fine?. The answer would be No. But if that same man marries a slayqueen who he provides for he’s going to act like he owns her (which he kinda does). It’s the same with our parents. When you’re still dependent on them and living under their roofs they act like gods, but the moment you start making your money and become independent they automatically calm down and their countenance towards you changed

For men and women to be truly treated like equals, a lot of things need to change. Women can’t eat their cake and have it. You can’t have a man move mountains just to marry you and not expect to feel some sort of entitlement. Am I saying it’s right? No it’s not, a woman isn’t a property who should be owned. But, it is what it is.

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