#VibeQuickie: Are Maternity Shoots Necessary though?

We once did a video on Vibe’s youtube page asking men how they’d feel if their wives did maternity shoots. Before I start talking about maternity shoots, lets first define it and talk about the main goal of why people do it.

I’m assuming the origin and goal of a maternity shoot is to take a picture of when they were pregnant. Then, as usual, some people started to do the most and started to do semi nude shoots where they took off their bras. Then the feminist movement intensified and they started the faux love your body movement and women started to do full on naked pregnancy shoots and some even involved their husbands in the shoot. Apparently, some men are cool with displaying their naked pregnant wife to the whole world. They are basically feeding Pregophilic men and giving them content to wank to.

So recently, a pregnant woman did a pregnancy shoot and decided to involve bees. Apart from flying and stinging they also emit electromagnetic waves which is bad for humans being in general, talk less of a foetus. To cut the long story short she gave birth to a stillbirth and lost her child. Nobody wants to admit it but it’s probably because of the radio waves emitted by the bees.

How a normal Pregnancy Shoot Should Look

Before doing a pregnancy shoot, ask yourself, Am I doing it for likes and am I doing it for the world, or am I doing it to keep a record of how I looked when I was pregnant.


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