#VibeQuickie: 3 Reasons Why Your Style Is As Important As Your Diet

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Having a good diet plan says a lot about a person, so does a good style. Fashion may seem like something peculiar; for those whose interest journeys in that direction. The truth is that everyone has a style, one that their personality identifies with. Some of our favorite dishes aren’t the best for our health. Eating them subsequently may be detrimental, yet, it doesn’t change the fact that they are our favorite dishes. In spite of that, we still endeavor to eat food that would contribute to the betterment of our health while curbing our excesses on those that don’t. Likewise, we may sometimes find it difficult to express our fashion creativity because we do not want to go out of our regular routine or stress ourselves. Yet, we should understand that a good style is as important as a good meal, or a good diet. How? You ask?

Image result for nigerian fashion bloggers1. Self Expression

The statement that we make through our style may be our boldest expression of our personality and what our self entails. We have to get up every day, and wear clothes. It’s one of the few things in our lives that are constant. Understand that what we wear is a reflection of what we are like. The colors represent our mood, the style our attributes and sense of creativity, as well as how willing we are to express them. Without having to speak, your style creates your identity. Don’t forget that your identity is created by others perception of you as well as your view of your self.

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2. Confidence and Self Esteem

When you wear something good, and you know it’s good, your confidence automatically increases. Wearing good and befitting clothes or simply, ‘Dressing up’, serves as a boost to your self-esteem. Because you feel comfortable in your choice, you become naturally more confident. If you have taken your time to pick your outfit out and style yourself, you derive satisfaction from knowing that you have succeeded in expressing your creativity. Especially without consideration to trends. When you are confident, communication naturally becomes easier.

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3. Power And Respect

Naturally, respect comes to people who are confident and have no struggles with their self-esteem. We as humans tend to treat people we are meeting for the first time based on what they are wearing and how they look in them. When we are properly styled, for the right occasion, we command respect. Fashion is power. If we see a person all suited up, looking confident, we could naturally assume the person is of a high status. Someone who is less stylish may not be accorded the same respect as the former.

We should take note of these importance of good styling. Irrespective of who we are or what we feel our positions in the society are, never should we lag in creating a personal style that speaks for us. We should not only create but as well establish it; own it. We do not have to follow a trend or do the usual. We are all capable of defining our own fashion mistakes and successes. Do not dress because you want to put something on, dress because you want to put something off…low self-esteem for one. Always remember, bad styling is associated with everything that points towards low self-esteem; lack of self-expression, confidence, and pride.

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