#VibeAfterDark: Major Signs Your Man Just Slept With Another Woman

Cheating men
Cheating men
So lately I realized how much men go on and on about how they have certain signs to watch out for to find out if their lady just cheated or should I say is a cheat. I find this conversation really annoying especially when we all know that the men are no better than the women.
Don’t crucify me yet, I’m not saying that women are not scums but I believe it is easier for the men to cheat. Anyways, that’s not what we will be talking about. Since the men have certain signs to watch out for, I think it is only fair we put up some signs to look out for to know your man just had s3x with another woman.
Don’t worry too much, I got you…
Cheating men
Cheating men
1. First and most importantly. Long first round
We all know that the first round of s3x is called the warm-up round because it almost never lasts for long and the second round is called the prove yourself round because that’s when you know what/who you are up against. In case you didn’t know that, you do now. So pay attention. If you man goes on extended first rounds especially if it isn’t normal with him, something is up.
2. Watery or non-existent sperm
Just as the first round of s3x with your partner isn’t supposed to last for a long time, the sperm released at the end of that session is supposed to be quite thick and should be much. So eyes up, if after s3x your man’s sperm slides off like a spill of water or hardly exists, some questions need to be asked.
Cheating men
Cheating men
3. He is not quick to initiate sex
This might not work with every guy because not every guy is sex driven but even at that, guys like sex and can only stay away for so long. If your man does not or is slow to initiate s3x, especially when it’s been a while you’ve been together, that’s suspicious. If your man isn’t sexually satisfied, he’d want some s3x, if he is sexually satisfied and you didn’t give that satisfaction to him, you know what’s up.
4. Extreme behaviours 
When we talk about guilt, people act differently, some become overly caring while other play nonchalant. It is advised to know your man well enough so you know when they are acting right and when they are not. Guilt is quite difficult to hide so you can see through the act.
Cheating men
Cheating men
5. Overprotection of gadgets.
People need time to clear every evidence of cheating. If/when a man cheats and has no time to clean every evidence, they become overly protective of their phones, computers and every other gadget they may have, most especially when a reply is expected from the sexcapade. However, I would not advise you go sneaking around just to find out what’s up because you just might find what you are looking for.
Cheating men
Cheating men
6. Finally, Babe smell that D
#lol. Of course, I am kidding. You can’t go about smelling your man’s D, can you?
I wouldn’t do that though but if you think it works, please do you.
So that is most of what I can think of. If you have something you think I missed, do leave a comment in the box below. Keep your eyes open and your heart safe.

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