#Vibeafterdark: 3 Reasons Why Men Should Moan More (18+)

So, today I threw this question to some guys and girls; I asked why most men don’t moan and are less expressive during sex. I wanted to know why women alone play the role of moaners during s3x. The answers I received from guys was that they don’t moan because it doesn’t make any sense for a guy to moan. Some said they don’t because it’s a girly thing to do.

While I understand women are more expressive creatures, I do not totally agree with men who think they should be less expressive in bed. 

Here are a few reasons why women want their men to moan more in bed:

1. Turns the girl on more: The way moaning gets a guy excited when making love, is also the same way women enjoy it when their men moan. It communicates with the woman and lets her know when she is getting it right – of course, I do not mean shouting or making weird noises or sounds, I mean moaning and talking softly in a sexy way. 

2. Makes the sex synergetic: S3x isn’t just about penetration. Moaning as she moans makes her know you are both on the same page (if you know what I mean). The moaning should be mutual, stop trying to hold back because you are a man. Women feel better and empowered and turned on when their men moan along with them.

3. Women need more men who express their feelings: If you know you won’t express how you enjoying it, why have s3x in the first place. S3x is an expression of love, so express it by all means possible.

So, guys, moaning is not a girly thing, it is just a means of expression that lets your partner know you are having a good time. Why do you think girls moan? Well, it’s because she is enjoying it. Would you want to be having s3x with a stiff girl, a girl that doesn’t moan? No! You wouldn’t. So try and moan for your woman too. No woman wants to be with a non-expressive and cold guy in bed either.

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