VIBE TIPS: 5 Ways to Know Its Time to Quit a Relationship

When we go into a relationship, we like to think it’s gonna be rose-colored glasses the whole time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always turn out like that because sometimes we get to a stage when we decide to hang in the towel. Here are some signs to look out to decide that it’s time to let things go.

  1. You love them, but you don’t like them: It’s one thing to love your partner, it’s another thing to like them. For example, do you love your partner, but can’t get over the fact that they cheated in the relationship? It’s time for you to move on. Just love is never enough.
  2. The pros outweigh the cons: If you weigh the pros and cons of the relationship, and discover that there are more pros than cons, then maybe it’s time to say goodbye to the relationship.
  3. Experiencing stagnancy: When neither of you are growing in the relationship, and both of you are not helping each other grow, then it’s time to let things go.
  4. When superficiality outweighs substance: When superficial things outweigh more important things than substance, it leads to extreme incompatibility.
  5. Constant Abuse is eminent: Whether it’s emotional, psychological, or physical abuse, it is not healthy to be in a relationship when any of the partners are abusive.


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