VIBE TIPS: 5 Types of Makeup Every Girl Should Have

“A girl can never have too much makeup” has become a popular saying in our time. But to the girls who don’t really like makeup, there are at least 5 makeup items every girl needs to have.

FOUNDATION: Foundation is like the most basic makeup item any lady can have. From drugstore brands to luxury brands, you have a lot to choose from.

MASCARA: I love the way mascara transforms your lashes from looking basic to looking all shades of fierce! It’s a must have for every girl.

POWDER: You can’t have foundation without having powder. Foundation gives you the oily/dewy finish while the powder finishes the work by transforming the oily finish to a matte finish.

LIPGLOSS: Having lipstick isn’t a must, but getting lipgloss is definitely a must girl!

SETTING SPRAY: A setting spray is needed to finish the work. So after applying your foundation, powder, mascara, and lipgloss, spray it on your face to show a finished work.

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