Vibe Quickie: Women, Rape, And Crying Wolf

This post in no way condones or encourages rape. Rape is a very bad thing and shouldn’t be encouraged in anyway whatsoever and anyone caught raping or almost raping should be punished and imprisoned for life if possible. Now that we’ve cleared the air and gotten that out of the way, let’s dive into this article.

Recently stories surfaced online of a popular Actress Dorcas Shola Fapson who called out an uber driver and accused him of trying to abduct and rape her. She narrated her ordeal saying an uber driver falsely imprisoned her in his vehicle and drove her to a dark unknown location and then she pepper sprayed his eyes and escaped. A day later the uber driver narrated his ordeal saying Dorcas entered his uber and wanted to pay him via card and he declined and told her to leave his vehicle and she refused, since she refused he started driving and when he saw she didn’t want to leave he got physical and tried to drag her out of his car and she pepper sprayed his eyes.

From both narrations of the event (which I personally believe was greatly padded to suit their personal tales) there’s NO sign or indication that points to the cab driver trying to rape or sexually molest Miss DSF in any form whatsoever. Yes, there was a physical struggle but the struggle points towards him trying to get her out of his vehicle. A man who want’s to rape a woman won’t leave her in his vehicle and try to open his gate. A man who’s trying to rape a lady won’t leave the key of his vehicle in his car with the ignition on. A woman who’s about to be raped won’t take her time to record it (and even in the recording there was no sign of rape). A man who wants to rape a woman won’t take his time to drive her to an unknown location, he’d rape her in his car. A woman who’s about to be raped won’t patiently sit in a car and be driven to her location of rape.

In the Uk, there’s a law that imprisons women who falsely accuse men of rape. When women have issues with men and they want to destroy them they tend to cry wolf and scream rape knowing fully well that once rape is affiliated with a man’s name his image would be destroyed. With the way women keep falsely accusing men of rape, a time would come that the society would trivialise rape and make it seem like a small thing that shouldn’t be taken seriously because of the way women just randomly and falsely accuse men of rape. Women should stop falsely accusing men they have a bone to pick with of rape, it’s tasteless and on the long run would bite women in the back because you’d be destroying all the anti-rape fights the good feminists have been clamouring for.


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