Vibe Quickie: Why A Woman Won’t Date A Guy Below Her Strata

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So an argument started in the office when a colleague said women who are rich/self-made won’t date guys below their strata while he was off the opinion that a rich man will easily date a woman who is below his strata. So he asked why that kind of woman won’t date a guy below her level. The major reason is that;

She doesn’t think a guy below her strata will be able to take care of her: When a woman is self-made and mature she needs a man in the same light because at that point she is ready of the next step, which is settling down and planning for the future. She needs a man who can take care of her emotionally and financially. So she avoids such men because she doesn’t want to waste her time.

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Men start thinking of settling down when they are financially enabled and when he doesn’t have the kind of financial backing he wishes to have he is not happy. You don’t expect such a man to give that kind of woman what she needs because he himself is not happy that he can’t do some basic things for his woman. Such a man won’t be in the right state of mind.

The reason why a man will date a woman he is higher than is just simple, the women who are rich and self-made are not all that young they are older and they are not ready to play, they want marriage. So, men will feel free with a younger girl because she has time and nothing to lose as compared to an older woman. They also would date a younger girl who is still there financial because she will need them for something. A man always wants to feel important, like he did something. If he has a woman who has it all what more could he possibly give her or do for her?

In conclusion, a rich/self-made woman wouldn’t date a guy below her strata because she knows her worth and she wouldn’t want to settle for less. I am not saying, women, who date men lower than them are bad, they are not. It just depends on where you find love at the end of the day. Love is key it is what joins people of different culture, beliefs, and background together.

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