Vibe Quickie: Wetin Victor AD Wan Sing After Wetin We Gain?

I know you’re here for the headline but relax… It’s not as serious as it looks. (+ pidgin came closest to how I needed to express it.)

I clearly remember the time he came for his exclusive interview with Vibe. I was out of the office that day and when I was being briefed about the happenings while I was away, his name popped up. I had never heard of his name and I thought he was one of those artistes that need like 50 years of artiste development before they should be allowed to refer to this music thing as their career. (We all know one person in this category. Tell him or her the truth today)

“Which one is Victor AD again?”, said an ever-grumpy me.

Well, let’s just say I took my grumpy question back when I first heard the song FULLY.

Victor Adere’s Wetin We Gain has restored more hope to Nigerians than any government has ever done. The opening lines alone gave me chills.

‘Oluwa magbegbe mi (God don’t forget me), I want all this money,

I no wan take the same step wey I take last year wey no work for me oh…’

Show me any lyric in 2018 that has cut the average Nigerian deeper than this and I will buy you a cold bottle of malt.
The cut gets even deeper with the most popular line on the song.

‘If we no buy Benz, na wetin we gain?’

Imagine this kind of song coming at a time when the Mercedes Benz is the new tool for oppression and social classification. Imagine this coming at a time when the naira has degenerated so much that it is almost better spent than saved or invested (save and invest your money o, I did not say go and spend it. Enhen…). Imagine this coming at a time where religion is the mask that hides our scars of fear, hopelessness and helplessness.
Let me get back to my reason for this post before I start to cry and stop writing.
I was discussing with a friend today and we both agreed that Wetin We Gain sits high up there with songs like Patoranking’s Alubarika, Jaywon’s This Year, Timaya’s Ogologomma and all the other timeless songs that you and I have been fortunate to witness or stumble upon.

If I heard Wetin We Gain before hearing the name Victor AD, grumpy me would probably say, “Wetin this one wan sing again after this one?”
That’s exactly how full of weight I think the song is. The detriment of heavy songs from emerging artistes is that it could fvck up follow up efforts if they do not surpass or at least stay at par with the celebrated predecessor.

At this point, I’ll just keep my bad energy away from Victor and wish him the very best with his career that has started on such a beautifully high note.
I’m not even sure why I’m scared sef. Victor AD laced the hook of Erigga’s “Motivation” before Wetin We Gain and that’s solid proof that there’s more where those came from.

Conclusively, the collective positive energy that Wetin We Gain has provided Nigerians will see to it that Victor continues in the business of dispatching hope and entertainment through his beautiful art.

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