Vibe Quickie: The 5 Ps Women Consider Before Entering Romantic Relationships



The word “Spec” is usually thrown around by the male folk with regards to how the women they desire should look and act. Women sometimes share their preferences too but, when it comes to serious and long-standing relationships, it goes beyond a cute face and great physique.
See below, the 5 Ps that help most women form their choice when looking to settle into a long term union.

Prosperity: Money is not everything yen yen yen… While this is true, it is also important to remember that even the bible refers to money as the answer to all things (Ecclesiastes 10: 19). Working class or not, wealthy or not, women need to be sure that their partner can give them a life of ease and comfort.

Potential: In the case that a woman chooses to be with someone who is yet to be prosperous, chances are, the man has shown that he has the mental capacity to reach and smash his goals.

Proximity: It is much easier for a woman to consider being with someone who is near in terms of geographical location as distance has given room for many irregularities in relationships.

Parents: No thanks to Nollywood, women now dread entering relationships because of who or what they have imagined the parents of their potential partner to be. Many relationships have hit rock bottom due to misunderstandings between individuals and the parents of their partners and often times, the damages are quite irreparable. It is in this light that women like to be sure of the values and beliefs that the parents of their partners or potential partners hold dear. It will interest you to know that some women wish the mothers of their partners dead before they even meet them. Extreme, yes but it also goes to show the intensity of this seeming problem.

Privates: There’s no better way to put this. Privates here really refer to private parts (in fact, it stands for penis ?) but in general, this P represents sexual compatibility. Women are big on how their desired partner should treat them sexually as this greatly affects their contentment in the relationship and reduces cheating tendencies.

These Ps aren’t in any particular order but best believe that if you are checking a woman out, she is also checking you out by most or all of the standards listed above. Do you agree or disagree with this list? Perhaps there are a few more Ps that you believe are missing? Hit me up in the comment section and let us have a conversation.


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