Vibe Quickie: Should Friday (15th January) Be A Half/No Work-Day?

Half/No Work-Day
Half/No Work-Day

The general election in Nigeria will be held on the 16th of February 2019, which is a Saturday, just 4 days away and the Friday before hasn’t been nationally declared a work-free day.

However, I think employers owe it to themselves and their employees to make Friday the 15th of February a half or no work-day. I think it is only in the best interest of everyone if workers are allowed to sit out Friday or work half the day.

I am not talking about 9 am – 3 pm, I am talking 9 am – 12/1 pm. That way, it can be ensured that everyone is safely in the confines of their homes and have a good time to plan towards exercising their legal right in participating in the election process.

In Nigeria, we practice a system of government where people are free to choose which candidate to vote for but that doesn’t/hasn’t ever stopped the outbreak of fight, bribery, forceful selling of votes, or destruction of properties. These might not happen in every part of Lagos or even the country because some parts are more violent than the others, and one can not for sure predict the outcome of a Nigerian election, sad but true.

We never know what to expect, we almost never expect elections to go smoothly without fight outbreaks or blood spilling, especially in the lights of our present economy, with people confused and doubtful about the presidential aspirants.

Nigerians do not hope in a peaceful election, we only always try our possible best to stay safe and staying safe includes staying off crowded places, staying off the streets, and not moving far away from your homes and these can’t be done if Friday the 15th is a regular work-day.

A lot of mischiefs come with the elections and to ensure that both employers and employees are safe, I think Friday the 15th should be a half/no work day.

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