Vibe Quickie: Public Announcement To All Yoruba Demons Concerning Valentines Day


My brothers, Valentine is just around the corner and as expected you should have nothing less than two women/victims in your nets, so the big question is ‘How are you going to juggle them all on valentines day‘. Before we talk about juggling these chicks on Valentines, you need to put a halt on chasing girls because this period is the period that all girls would be thirsty and they will say Yes to any Tom Dick and Harry so that they won’t be alone on valentines day.

We all know it would be close to impossible to hang out with all your girlfriends on Valentine’s day(most especially if you have a 9-5) and apparently these girls are now smart enough to know that if you don’t see them on Valentine’s day they are the side chick. Still, there’s a way around it. Lucky for us, sorry, not us, You(I’m an angel). Lucky for you Valentine’s day falls on a Wednesday, a working day and it’s very possible that you can do without seeing her.

Here’s what you’d do, starting from this week, every Wednesday you’re going to be distant and give all your girlfriends little to no attention with the excuse that your mean boss is stressing you and you have this special work thing on Wednesday. Every Wednesday evening you’d complain about how you hate your boss and how you guys had to leave work to go for a special event or meeting or whatever lie suits your company, then you’d rain curses on your boss and whatnot. If you start this a month before, you’d drop the same lie on valentine’s day and they’d all believe it without even questioning you.

You’re welcome. Now all you have to do is choose which of your girlfriends is worth your take and take her on a date. Also try to get all your girlfriends gifts and no matter what, don’t go on a date with any of them on the Thursday after because that’s the valentines day for side chicks. Stay wise my brothers, break those hearts and make papa proud.

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