Vibe Quickie: Isn’t It High Time Musicians Started Making Music?

Definition of music
Definition of music.
Photo: Google search

Before I decided to write this article, I made a concise decision to find out the real definition of music. Now as you can see from the picture above (which was gotten from Google Search) the meaning of music is abundantly clear.

“Music is an expression of emotion”

By this definition, that means there are probably just about 12 -maybe less – musicians in Nigeria. The rest are well… noisemakers, or whatever you want to call it.

Most of the musicians in Nigeria are always singing about yansh, p**sy, clubbing, money, and things that actually do not matter to the general populace of the country. Comparing the change in lyrical content from some select artists over the years, tells us how their state of mind and emotions transcended over time:

Timaya’s first album was probably one of the realest albums to come out of the country. He spoke of the struggles of Bayelsa and the South in “True Story” in a storytelling manner that had never been seen before in the industry. You could feel his pain in every song, but now he’s all about “shaking bumbums and backsides”.


9ice went from dropping the deepest lines and proverbs in his songs to ‘chache’ and hailing Yahoo boys. And many other artists that we all know are all about the ‘fake bougie’ lifestyle.

It’s really funny how an industry that we are so proud of isn’t actually a music industry (by the definition of the word) but a noisemaking industry.

Artists are getting confused by bumbums left and right, people are inna the club doing champagne showers, people are feeling like El Chapo, and others are forming “Fela incarnate” but can’t sing a song about the struggles of the country to save their own lives.

I guess it really shows the emotions of the artists, doesn’t it? When they were suffering, they could sing about the struggles they were facing with us, but now that they have blow, they are prouding shoulders and singing about clubs and yansh.


The Nigerian music industry should be more about the music than the noise. Surely not everyone has to be in the music category, but if we could appreciate the ‘actual musicians’ a lot better, then it will go a long way in reorienting the minds of the noisemakers to realise that they are ‘musicians’ and if their emotions are constantly all about sex, drugs, alcohol, parties, and clubs, then they are better off going to other countries to make their music. Because they are not for us!!!

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