Vibe Quickie: What Happened To Female Rappers In The Industry?

I was browsing through YouTube on my way to work this morning and I came across a ZoneOut Session video on FreeMeTV.

The session was by rapper Cyclone Artemis, and even though I had watched it before, I had to watch it again cos it reminded me of greatness.

Now I’m not here to ride or kiss ass, but it was probably the bestest Zone Out session I’ve ever watched (hence me using my data to rewatch it). Cyclone not only proved her mettle as an MC, but she delivered something the industry hasn’t seen from a female rapper in a really long time – Punchlines after Punchlines in less than 3 minutes!!!

This got me thinking, what happened to all the female rappers in Nigeria?

In truth, the only names that come to mind when calling Naija female MCs are Sasha, Bouqui, Blaise, Weird MC. And the aforementioned artists are now either out of the industry, or have totally quit the game. The only popular female rapper in the industry right now is Eva Alordiah, and if we are being honest, she isn’t as consistent as the male MCs in the industry.

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I know there are a lot of budding and underground female rappers in Nigeria, and there are also those who tried getting into the industry but it sadly didn’t work out. However, I feel like it is the right time for female rappers to either come back into the game or probably take over from the Male MCs ion the industry, like M.I, Phyno, Olamide, Vector, Mode 9, etc.

Like, look at how Nicki Minaj is bossing the American HipHop Industry. Isn’t that the kind of thing we need in Nigeria.

Maybe you think I’m rambling but just watch Cyclone’s Zone Out session and then let me hear your thoughts.

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