Vibe Quickie: Getting Stranded In Lagos; Our Experience

stranded in Lagos

I was having a discussion with a couple of friends and I realized, I’m not the only one with a history of getting stranded in Lagos. Hearing the experiences of my friend, I realised that Lagos is indeed for only the strongest because only the strong survive.

I’m about to share our experiences with you but I’ll start with mine and I’ll try to make them as short as possible.

This is mine…

Kelly. This is my story, I schooled in the Republic of Benin and decided to return one time. I got to the border and crossed over to Nigeria, there was no point taking a cross-country bus because I didn’t live too far from the border, just a few hours drive and I’d be home.

I got to the border and decided to use the ATM since I didn’t have any cash but unfortunately, the machine swallowed my card and that was when I got confused.

What to do? Who to call? What happens next? Do I ask for money from a stranger?

I sat by the ATM for about two hours, just waiting for something to happen, waiting for my money or my card to come out, two hours of complete confusion. Then I decided to ask some Immigration officers sitting by their post for help but it was hard. When I finally got the strength to ask, I was in tears, I mean weeping but I finally asked and I didn’t mind getting half the amount. Fortunately for me, they had mercy and gave me more than what I needed and that was how I got home.

Out of a hundred Lagosians that get stranded on a daily, I was lucky.

stranded in Lagos
stranded in Lagos

Murphy… Murphy is my elder brother, a few years back he went out for the day, lost his wallet along the way and had no idea what to do. He couldn’t ask a stranger for money and decided to trek to the house. He trekked from Festac to Okokomaiko, got home pass 11 and was completely exhausted.

He wasn’t all that lucky

Frank… So Franklin was headed home from work, lived at Cele and worked on the Island. He got a lift to Oshodi, and was supposed to take a bus home but realised he didn’t use the ATM or come out with the right ATM card and had just 20 Naira in his pocket.

Guess what… Frank decided to trek. He had already trekked half the journey when a bus came by, he told the conductor not to bother because he didn’t have any money on him but luckily, the conductor asked him to come along for free.

These are just three experiences, I’ll share more with you some other time. Let us know your story if you have had an experience.

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