Vibe Quickie: Do women really like head?

I’d like to think that you have all seen this screenshot of a tweet by a lady claiming that women do not like to be eaten out… I am not sure of “all the women” she brags to be speaking for but to give her point some chance, here’s the question I tested it with.
If I were faced with the option of never having my dishes done (okay that sounds nasty as hell) for the rest of my lifetime, would I be miserable or would I move on fine?
My answer is definitely “moving on fine” but is it possible that there might be many women out there like me who do not place a hundred per cent value on cunnilingus?
If there are, does this mean that we do not “like” head?
The answer should really be no. As a matter of fact, we looooove head but, could the men be doing something wrong? I wouldn’t know?, but from the stories that I have heard ?,
and the books that I have read, this might just be the case.
I apologize in advance but just like it is with our orgasms, giving head -the type that makes you want to use a cuss word and God’s name in one sentence- is a department that our men might be lagging in.
Here’s not even trying to apportion blames. We totally get it. The male design is pretty straight forward. At the very worst, as long as we wet it and do not try to bite it, the end goal is quite achievable.
But, how do we tell you guys that something as inconsequential as the pressure of your tongue print can actually ruin things?
How do we tell you guys that it is not ponmo that is down there and eating it does not mean that it should be literally eaten?
How do we tell you that the time of the month can dictate if our clit is in the mood? (oh it has feelings too)
How do we tell you that the same way you gave Adanne the head and she was screaming, is not the same formula you should apply on Titi’s tot…never mind.

I could go on and on trying to say the same thing. Cunnilingus is an art and like all art, there are skills that need to be mastered, per woman.

Men, please learn to develop the patience that comes with learning to give and receive pleasure (in and out of the bedroom). A satisfied woman is a happy woman and a happy woman never wants to be happy alone.

Women, drop that stinking ego or fear and teach your men how to treat and touch your bodies right. If he thinks you’re a slut for guiding him through your map of pleasure, you, my darling, are in the wrong bed.

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