Vibe Quickie: Can Trap Music Sell In Nigeria?

From Jidenna’s “Trampoline” to Wale’s “Running Back” featuring Lil Wayne, Trap Music has travelled a long way to warm the hearts of Nigerians. With the likes of Gucci Mane, T.I, and Migos getting massive airplay across radio and tv stations nationwide, it’s clearly evident that Nigerians – surprisingly – really enjoy trap music.

It’s really no one’s fault because Nigerians are more receptive to songs that are really “catchy”. Whether the song is good or not, as long as it is catchy, Nigerians will bump heads to it and bang it in clubs. Even a lot of South African rappers have already started going down the Trap route, like AKA for instance.

But what about our own Naija rappers? Which one(s) do you think can pull off Trap music? I’m heavily leaning towards Jesse Jagz, Phyno, and Ice Prince. These rappers not only have smooth flows, but they also have the right type of voice to pull off Trap. However, the major problem is, CAN TRAP MUSIC WORK ON AFROBEATS?

Naija musicians and Nigerians alike are really riding and enjoying the current waves of Afrobeat. Even the likes of Drake and many American musicians have realised its greatness and have begun to use it lavishly. Afrobeat works well for us and a lot of West African countries. I just don’t see how Trap music have the same effect on Afrobeat because trap requires fewer beats with a lot of pauses in between, while Afrobeat is like a continuous stream of beats.

Maybe Trap is something Naija rappers can try – even though they may have to sacrifice Afrobeats and go with the Trap melody instead. If Nigerian/American artistes like Jidenna and Wale’s Trap songs are being enjoyed by Nigerians nationwide, and South African AKA’s songs are also widely received, maybe it’s time for Nigerian rappers to also dive into Trap and see where it leads. The only question is, “Who would dare?”

What do you think about that?

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