Vibe Quickie: Anyone Interested In A Pool Party In Lekki?

It’s that time of the year again in Lagos where we’ve got a lot of pool parties going on all around Lagos and some other parts of Nigeria.

Thanks to Baba God for showers of blessings and to all our presidents and governors (past and present) who took the time out to make this happen for us (because our taxes don’t cover good drainage), took the time to give us something so grand and so big to enjoy, something both the rich and the poor, male and female, feminists and non-feminists, dark and light-skinned people can EQUALLY enjoy… pool parties.

So if you are interested in a pool party, just come to Lekki with your swimming clothes on a rainy day and swim away from your troubles. Enjoy premium rainwater mixed with mud, dirt and gutter filth. Come one, come all to Lekki because it is going down.

Constant turning up on the streets of Lekki until the dry season begins!!!

Yes, you are going to say, “shebi it isn’t only Lekki that gets flooded,” well, isn’t Lekki for the rich? I mean, the same rich abused and destroyed places like Iyana Ipaja, Makoko, and many “poor” places on the mainland as they moved to begin their bougie life on the Island. Well, now you know that Lekki is just Makoko with a lot of filter and makeup!

E dey hot gan for Lekki o. Pool party and turning up go yapa for this season.

You don’t want to miss out on this!

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